Friday, March 27, 2015

Man And Woman Have Up Close Daylight Sighting

Kelly Shaw of the RMSO shares another story with us. This one of a man and woman who had an up close daylight sighting in an area known for bigfoot activity. The Silver Creek Plunge Bigfoot Sighting.

New Bigfoot Thermal Video - This Is The Third Time In The Same Location!

This is definitely a first in the bigfoot world.  In 2009, Mike Greene captured thermal footage of a bigfoot creature taking a candy bar he had left on top of a tree stump. Then in 2014, another possible bigfoot creature was caught on thermal just a few yards from the same spot Mike Greene had captured his thermal years before. Now, in 2015, a NEW thermal video has been submitted by researcher Bobby Woods. This clip showing what appears to be a bigfoot creature in the treeline, also in the same area as the original Mike Greene video. This is one place where bigfoot does not appear to be camera shy.

Possible White Bigfoot Caught on Cam

BFE readers are some of the most active researchers in Bigfoot. Dr. Squatch (who frequents this blog) thinks he may have caught a possible white Bigfoot on camera. It's an infrared video, so it's really hard to tell if this is actually a white object. Dr. Squatch is asking for some enhancements to be done. Check it out:

Mysterious Hay Creature Terrifying Kids In Philly Neighborhood

The person who owns this hay-suit better not take it into the woods. Most likely, hunters will probably mistaken him for an animal -- or worst: Bigfoot! According to NBC10 in Phillidelphia, neighborhood kids were sorta spooked by the sight:

Man Takes Thounsands of Selfies from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail and Didn't Bigfoot Didn't Photobomb

This is pretty amazing. A hiker name Andy hiked 2600 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada and stopped to take a selfie once a mile. The result is pretty amazing. We wouldn't doubt it if someone picks out a squatch in one of these photographs:

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [3/26/2015]

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Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

This Is What Made Whitehall Famous For Bigfoot

With the bigfoot history surrounding the area, it's no wonder Whitehall, NY is an upcoming destination for the Finding Bigfoot team. Sightings in the area date back for 40 years. But what really got the area known as a sasquatch hot spot?

Woman Kidnapped By Bigfoot Gives Birth To Deformed Baby

Like a title taken straight from a tabloid, this is a classic bigfoot story, the story of Serephine Long. A woman who was supposedly abducted by a group of bigfoot, and held captive for an entire year. After pleading with the bigfoot to let her go, she was returned home, where shortly after she gave birth to a deformed baby that died soon after birth.

Veteran researcher Thomas Steenburg returns to the area where these events were said to happen.

Did Bigfoot Swim To Vancouver Island?

There has been a long history of reports of bigfoot coming from Vancouver Island. One of the main problems for this is that it is in fact an island, so how did they get there? The only option would be swimming. Check out this great episode of Monster Quest as they investigate "Sasquatch Island".

ParaBreakdown Commentary: The Silverton Colorado Bigfoot Photo

An older photo started to make rounds recently, of what some believe shows a bigfoot running along side a river just outside a train depot. Is this a rare photo of a bigfoot getting caught out in the open?

Looking For Bigfoot DNA Science? Haskell Hart Has an Update on The Starchild DNA Results

Anyone following the Starchild DNA results? The study was recently evaluated with "mixed results".
See Haskell Hart latest blog post for his assessment of Brien Foerster's Starchild Project DNA. He writes:

Kid Describes Seeing a White Bigfoot

White Bigfoot are rare, and while there have been many accounts of it by adults, it's pretty interesting to see it come from a young child. BFE reader Dr. Squatch recently interview his nephew who had an encounter at the age of 6. Robbie describes the Bigfoot as having a black face and white fur. Pretty descriptive. Listen below:

Watch Dr. Jeff Meldrum Describe to Kassem G The Mystery of Bigfoot

If you haven't seen Kassem G's full documentary on the subject of Bigfoot, make sure you check it out. Dr. Jeff Meldrum played an important role in describing the mystery to Kassem (who has millions of subscribers on YouTube) and demonstrates his expertise on the subject. Here's the extended interview:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [3/25/2015]

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Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Will This Movie Live Up To The Bigfoot Hype?

With bigfoot calls, tree knocks, and limb formations, "Something In The Woods" promises to be a bigfoot lover's dream film. But will it be enough to really live up to the hype. Bigfooters have always been the most critical of bigfoot movies.

The Search For The Ontario Sasquatch Continues

Bigfooter Bill Steer is on the fence when it comes to bigfoot, but that doesn't slow down the search for the Ontario Sasquatch. There's a lot of people looking, but there seems to be plenty of activity to go around.

The albino tapir is probably even more rare than the white Bigfoot

According to local legend, an elusive, pure-white lowland tapir was said to be roaming Brazil’s Atlantic rain forest. When Brazilian photographer Luciano Candisani heard about it, he was determined to capture an image of it. According to Nation Geographic, nobody had ever taken a photo of an albino tapir in the wild -- until now. GrindTV reported the news on Tuesday:

Here's The Details About The Grays Harbor Thermal Bigfoot Video

In this video Jonathan Brown goes over the details of the Grays Harbor thermal bigfoot video, and explains how they were able to capture the amazing footage.

This Is The Best Bigfoot Commercial I've Ever Seen!

We are totally blown away by this commercial made from Rictor Riolo. Is this the best commercial on the face of the earth or what? Watch it now:

Remember This Footage From Legends Beware?

While looking through our history of the recently released photographs from Legends Beware, we came upon something else that looked familiar -- It was the old "Birdwatcher" footage from April 2013. The footage has been out for a while and in some channels has gotten hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. For some, it's a very compelling footage: