Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Skunk Ape Has a Tail? WTF?!

If this is a real skunkape, it may be the best footage of a bipedal hominid in existence -- besides Patty of course. Here's the most interesting detail we've extracted from the footage sent to us from Matt M. The subject appears to have a tail! I know. Mind-blowing, right? If it's not a tail, some suggest it could be hold a snake. Whatever it is, we're pretty sure a lot of people are going to pick out more details as the breakdowns start rolling in. Here's the Lettuce Lake Park Florida skunkape footage if you haven't seen it:

Dr. Todd Disotell Is Up To His Mohawk In Bigfoot Crap

Dr. Todd Disotell, professor of anthropology at NYU and star scientist of Spike Tv's Bigfoot Bounty, is full of crap! Or at least his lab is anyways. Dr. Todd's lab gets sent samples of possible bigfoot poop all the time.

OMG! Are Werewolves Real?

My favorite monster has always been the werewolf. There's been stories about shapeshifters since the beginning of time, and spread out all over the World. The idea of a man turning into some sort of ferocious beast is a scary thought, but could these creatures, or something like it, actually be real?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [1/26/2015]

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Here are some fascinating photographs from MuldersWorld.com, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Breaking: Very Compelling Footage of Skunkape/Bigfoot From Lettuce Lake Park Florida

About an hour ago, a reader of Bigfoot Evidence, Matt M. (no relation to Matt Moneymaker), sent us a video that completely blew our minds. While canoeing in a swamp outside of Tampa, Florida, the witness spotted something "walking" and diving in a gator infested area. He starting filming what he thought was a bear. The only problem is that Lettuce Lake Park is a 240-acre Hillsborough County-run park where bears tend to stay clear from. When the following footage was sent to us, Matt was still unsure of what he filmed. Upon closer inspection, we've concluded that this is no bear. Check out the length of its arms and its gate. Yeah -- we know bears can walk on their hind legs too, but this does not resemble a bear at all:

Is The U.S. Forestry Service Hiding Bigfoot?

Bigfooter and enthusiast William Jevning thinks that not only does the U.S. Forest Service know about bigfoot, but they also go to lengths to hide the public from the truth. Jevning turned to twitter to discuss an incident he investigated involving some "disappearing" bigfoot tracks.

Famous Russian Cryptozoologist To Make An Appearance At Michigan Bigfoot Days

Cryptozoologist Dr. Igor Burtsev is making the long journey from his home in Moscow, Russia to make an appearance at the West Branch Bigfoot Days in Michigan. If you're in the area, this is a good opportunity to meet and speak with Dr. Burtsev.

Is It Better To Look For Bigfoot In A Group Or Alone?

Bigfoot author and veteran field researcher, Thomas Steenburg, discusses the pros and cons of doing bigfoot research in groups, or tackling it alone in the woods. What do you think the best way is? Would you prefer the company of a group, or do you think you'd be better off on your own? There's a lot of factors to consider.

Texas Woman Claims to Have Bigfoot Neighbors Who Just Had a Baby

According to this woman from Texas, abandoned houses might not be so abandoned. The way she makes it sound, is that there's a group of bigfoot living in a nearby house. She also claims they recently had a baby. This story is crazy!

This Is What Patty Would Look Like Up-Close

Credit: Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Have you ever wondered what the Patterson-Gimlin might look like up-close and personal? The Ohio Bigfoot Conference just posted an awesome rendition of Patty's face and it's pretty deep:

What could have done this?

Wow! We're not sure what to think of this, but this sort of injury probably happens all the time in the wild. We're not saying Bigfoot did this, but BFE reader Michael Brookreson  has a pretty good idea what type of animal is capable of doing this:

Myakka River State Park Sighting?

This morning, Florida skunk ape hunter Tim Fasano returned to the location of where witnesses claimed they spotted a skunk ape. What's peculiar about this video is that people are behaving to deer sighting the same way. "At the exact spot where the viral Skunk Ape video was shot, people were pulling over and running to the clearing. Some had telephoto lenses. It was three deer. Hum? Coincidentally the same spot?" Fasano wrote.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [1/25/2015]

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Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld.com, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Watch this: Definite proof that seals are just dogs living in the sea

Here's a fun fact. Did you know that in Dutch, seals are actually called 'zeehond' as in 'seadog'? In Arabic seals are called "كلب البحر", which literally translates to "seadog" also!

Bigfoot Illustrated: The Yeren vs The Almas A Dredfunn Cryptid Face-Off!

If the Yeren goes up against the Russian Alma, who will will? Fred Dunn gives us a depiction of what this battle might look like.

Kelly Shaw: Payette Lake Bigfoot Sighting Four Wintnesses

Here's an incredible report from Kelly Shaw about two couples in Payette who had an encounter they'll never forget. Check out the scenery behind Shaw. It's squatchy isn't it?

Finding Bigfoot Is Investigating Some Paranormal Activity Tonight

Tonight on Finding Bigfoot, the the team travels to the eerie woods of Pennsylvania to investigate haunted forests that might be home to both sasquatch and specters. Believe it or not, in 2014, Pennsylvania tied with Washington for the squatchiest place in North America. CityLab.com calls it a "hotbed":

The first ever recorded thermal image of Bigfoot was filmed in July 2008

According to BFRO president Matt Moneymaker, this is the first thermal footage of Bigfoot ever. It was recorded  Phillips, Wisconsin at a BFRO hotspot. "This is the first thermal footage ever obtained of a sasquatch, though its quality will not stand on its own to convince the world. The key portion is only about a second long," says Moneymaker. "Several people in the BFRO heard the distinct sounds of sasquatches in the same area during a BFRO expedition in 2006."

Finding Bigfoot Is Afraid of Tim Fasano

Tim Fasano tells us Finding Bigfoot is going to Myakka Florida. Why Myakka? Myakka State Park is home of the recent skunk ape sighting that was witnessed by multiple people Fasano says Finding Bigfoot won't find anything there because the team declined his help. You can watch Fasano's explanation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ9KIM_pcIc